DZ News

Documentary Film

The film has been completed. The filmmakers and DZ are trying to secure the rights to use the music. This could take a while! We will keep you updated. Click here for teaser.

Tortelvis and Carl Jah

The two original members and great friends played in January of 2019 with Tort's original band from the 1980 called The Sneaks. Mr. Jah filled in for original Sneaks guitar player, Rob Schilling, and Tortelvis sat on them drums. Click.

T Shirts

Dread heads have been clamoring for a t shirt on the DZ Store. Black t with the original DZ round reggae logo on the back is here! Click



Big man, big voice. A pussycat with a black belt in Karate. 

Charlie Haj


The man who hands Tortelvis his water and towels on stage.

Butt Boy


Butt Boy is a big scale celebrity everyone gets excited about!

Carl Jah


One of the top 10,000 guitar players in the Richmond Virginia area.



A model of integrity. Huge celebrity everyone raves about.

Ed Zeppelin


Ed Zeppelin smokes a fatty. Kills it on the congas mon.